Children in Cell Ministry: Discipling the Future Generation Now

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Joel Comiskey challenges pastors and leaders to move from simply educating children to forming them into disciples who make disciples (read sample chapters here) Comiskey lays out the Biblical base for children's ministry and then encourages pastors and leaders to formulate their own simple vision and philosophy for ministry to children based on the Biblical text. Comiskey highlights how to disciple children in both the large group and the small group. He quickly moves into practical examples of intergernational cell groups and how effective cell churches have implemented this type of group. He then writes about children only cell groups, citing many practical examples from some of the most effective cell churches in the world. Comiskey covers equipping for children, how to equip the parents, and mistakes in working with children in the cell church. This is a must read book for all those wanting to minister to children both in large and small groups