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Everyone has at least one spiritual gift, according to the Bible. But many don’t know what that gift is or how to use it. This book provides clear steps and guidelines to find and activate spiritual gifts. The eight lessons offer biblical insight on what the gifts are and practical suggestions on how to use them. This book will especially help those leading a small group to know how to discern the different gifts among group members—and then to help each person activate that gift.

The only way to discover spiritual gifts is in the context of relationships. Spiritual gift tests, while helping believers to think through the possibilities, are insufficient in themselves. The atmosphere of trust in a small group is the key cornerstone that allows the free flow of the spiritual gifts. When trust is established, people are more willing to risk and try out new, potential gifts. A small group can provide honest feedback about the person’s success, as well as areas of improvement. This book prepares each small group member to understand what his or her spiritual gift is and then instructs the person how to use that gift.

Discover is a great resource to use individually, in a small group, or in a classroom teaching setting.


Lesson 1:   The Holy Spirit and You
Lesson 2: The Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Body of Christ
Lesson 3: What the Gifts Are Not
Lesson 4: The Gifts of Service
Lesson 5: The Gifts of Equipping
Lesson 6: The Gifts of Prayer and Worship
Lesson 7: How Do I Discover My Spiritual Gifts?
Lesson 8: How Do I Help Others Discover Their Spiritual Gifts?
Appendix 1: How to Coach Someone using this Material
Appendix 2: Are There Additional Spiritual Gifts?
Appendix 3: Does God Give the Gifts Permanently?