LEAD: Guide a Small Group to Experience Christ

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By implementing the time-tested ideas contained in this book, you will have new confidence in guiding your cell group. The cell atmosphere will also become supercharged with the Holy Spirit. This book highlights key small group dynamics that will equip the leader to listen, ask great questions, create responsiveness, deal with the talker and even use spiritual gifts. This book shows a potential leader how to develop new leaders to continue the process of discipleship. Even Jesus formed twelve disciples in a small group atmosphere. The best way to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, in fact, is to disciple others. This book will show you how. Live! Guide a Small Group to Experience Christ is a great resource to use individually, in is a great resource to use individually, in a small group, or in a classroom teaching setting. In the back of the book, there’s a coach’s section to help guide someone else through the contents of this book.


  • Lesson 1:  Understanding the Cell
  • Lesson 2: Facilitating the Group
  • Lesson 3: Ministering to People
  • Lesson 4: Creating a Spiritiual Atmosphere
  • Lesson 5: Multiplying Cells
  • Lesson 6: Working Diligently
  • Lesson 7: Working Smart
  • Lesson 8: Making Disciple-makers
  • Appendix: How to Coach Someone using this Material Index