Myths and Truths of the Cell Church

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Most of the modern day cell church movement is dynamic, positive, and applicable. As is true in most endeavors, errors and false assumptions have also cropped up to destroy an otherwise healthy movement. Sometimes these false concepts caused the church to go astray completely. At other times, they led the pastor and church down a dead-end road of fruitless ministry. Regardless of how the myths were generated, they had a chilling effect on the church’s ministry. In this book, Joel Comiskey tackles these errors and false assumptions, helping pastors and leaders to untangle the webs of legalism that has crept into the cell church movement. Joel then guides the readers to apply biblical, time-tested principles that will guide them into fruitful cell ministry. Each chapter begins with a unique twist. Well-known worldwide cell church leaders open each chapter by answering questions to the chapter’s topic in the form of an email dialogue. Whether you’re starting out for the first time in cell ministry or a seasoned veteran, this book will give you the tools to help your ministry stay fresh and fruitful. Carl George writes:

By using the format of debunking myths and by presenting questions from real life ministers, Joel opens to us a path for managing the crucial challenges facing the implementation of cell ministry. He holds out hope, not just to the mega church leader, but to the church planter and the smaller congregation pastor as well. His presentation is so inspiring that I find myself mentally nominating my own neighbors and recent acquaintances for invitations to a cell meeting in my own home!