Shouting in the Temple: A Radical Look at Children's Ministry (PDF)

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Where do children belong? Often they have been excluded from church life and ministry. This book explains the biblical vision for children, which Lorna Jenkins received from God, and has implemented in various churches around the world. It integrates the children’s ministry through the church, the cell group, and the family. The book clarifies the heart issues for the church’s ministry to children and calls parents and church leaders to disciple and equip all the children for ministry. Listen to what others are saying: "Lorna Jenkins is the global expert in forming Intergenerational Cell Groups. I know this book will bless your ministry." -- Dr. Ralph Neighbour Jr., TOUCH Outreach Ministries, Houston, Texas "This book is a fervent plea for the children of the Kingdom to be accepted as co-laborers with the adults." -- Rev. Lawrence Khong, Senior Pastor, Faith Community Baptist Church-Singapore “Dr. Jenkins' ground-breaking book encourages us to return to God's original plan...A must-read for parents, pastors and children's workers.” -- Ann Hornshaw, Children's Pastor, Church of the Good Shepherd, Sydney “Shouting in the Temple gives a prophetic voice that must be heard in this generation. No nation, church or individual can afford to ignore this message as we approach the return of Jesus.” -- Daphne Kirk, author and founder of